Our Launch of The Conflict Dynamics Profile in The UK

Mary Lou, Mary Ellen and I were in London on Friday for the Launch of our unique CDP Diagnostic Tool in the UK. OAK is the sole distributor and trainer of the CDP Diagnostic Tool in Ireland and the UK. It was an exciting day for us, but unfortunately numbed quite bluntly by the Brexit vote. The event was a Mediation Summit held near Regents Park.

We initially started using CDP in our mediation work and now also use it as a highly reliable intervention in managing workplace behaviours.

Our launch went down well and the CDP Tool was well received. Mostly because, I believe, all of us understand and recognise behaviours and (mis)behaviours more likely – especially our own. And everyone, to my mind, knows that they have the ability to amend and modify their (mis)behaviours in different situations and with different people.

So the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the CDP is its focus on behaviours. It teaches you to understand the power (for you and the other person) of using constructive behaviours that are task focused and problem solving. By using constructive behaviours like perspective taking, creating solutions, expressing emotions and reaching out tension reduces and team functioning much better. Be mindful of the research that tells us that 30% of every manager’s time is lost to poorly managed conflict.

CDP also displays the damage caused by destructive behaviours that are crippled with emotional and irrational negativity – guess what happens to your team’s performance in that type of environment.

All importantly CDP caps off its review of behaviours by showing you the (mis)behaviours of others that provoke you into conflict- that drive you bonkers! Unless of course, you have worked with OAK, gained self- awareness and learned some new skills to allow you choose constructive behaviours that will help you to manage your workplace behaviours so that you get the results you want from important interdependent workplace relationships.

Managing conflict behaviours is an essential life skill that benefits all of us.

We look forward to bringing CDP to our new UK customers.


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