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Conflict Management Coaching Explained

Conflict is an inescapable part of our daily lives; conflict management coaching can help you to manage it in a way that works for you. Sometimes conflict can cause us to question ourselves and leave us feeling unsure of how best to respond. We can find ourselves feeling out of control as a situation continues to escalate and emotions run high or, it can be the opposite, where there is very little communication about what is happening. The bottom line is the same. The conflict continues and a way out can be difficult to find.

Conflict Management Coaching provides an opportunity to individuals to discuss the conflict in which they find themselves with a trained coach. It is a chance to look at the conflict if a fresh way. The coach helps the client to understand the dynamics of what is happening for them and the other person with whom they are in conflict. They help them to find new options and strategies for dealing with the situation with greater confidence.

Conflict Management Coaching can also be helpful to individuals who wish to become more confident in managing conflict generally, not just in relation to a particular dispute or individual. They may feel that they do not manage conflict generally in their lives as well as they would like, but not know what to do about it. This can seriously undermine opportunities in the workplace, in business or in our family or community life. This form of coaching can help individuals to develop what we refer to as conflict competence and give them greater confidence and peace of mind when responding to conflict.

Sources and Impact of Conflict

Conflict which goes unresolved can become debilitating. It can lead to heightened levels of anxiety and stress and begin to dominate your thinking, sometimes leading to lack of sleep and illness. There are many sources of conflict and work and in our private lives. If you are answering yes to some of the questions below, it may be that you could benefit from working with a conflict coach:

Conflict at work can undermine your confidence and performance
  • Do you feel bullied or harassed at work?
  • Are performance reviews a source of stress for you?
  • Are you finding a grievance process upsetting?
  • Do you find it difficult to get along with people you work with?
  • Are you feeling the strain of an employment related litigation?
An unresolved conflict can undermine your business
  • Are you finding it difficult to get along with your business partner?
  • Is the time you are spending dealing with employee conflict, distracting you from your business?
  • Are you losing business because of a conflict with a customer or supplier?
  • Do you dread planning for succession of your family business?
  • Are you worried about an ongoing litigation?
Relationship breakdown can lead to constant upset and rows
  • Are you living in an atmosphere of tension and negativity?
  • Do you find it a strain to cope with long drawn-out legal proceedings?
  • Are parenting and/or financial arrangements causing difficult between you?
  • Do you dread planning for succession of your family business?
  • Do you dread the prospect of facing into mediation or has mediation broken down?
  • Are you upset by an ongoing family conflict to which there seems to be no resolution?

How The Process Works

  1. Initial enquiries for Conflict Coaching are made in a variety of ways including through our website, by phone with our offices, referral through the workplace or recommendations from others. The nature of the enquiry will be discussed and the terms of conflict coaching including aims, costs and duration explained.
  2. Once the client has agreed to proceed with coaching, they are provided with documentation to further explain and help them to prepare for their work with their coach. Included in this documentation is a formal Conflict Coaching Agreement which the client must sign to start the coaching process.
  3. Clients will typically meet with their Coach on a regular basis as agreed, for up to 4-6 sessions.
  4. Sessions are scheduled for 60mins and can be conducted virtually or in person at an agreed location where the privacy of the client is provided for.
  5. OAK Coaches are practitioners of the CINERGY™ conflict coaching model which is aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF).
The Benefits of Conflict Coaching
  • Privacy and safety to talk through options before deciding what to do
  • Emotional support at a stressful time
  • Clarity about how the conflict is playing out
  • Self-awareness in the conflict and in its resolution
  • Skills to manage the conflict
  • Confidence to achieve positive outcomes

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