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We change the way you think about conflict

We show you how to manage conflict in a way that will actually improve rather than erode team performance.  Standard wisdom suggests that conflict is negative and all fires must be extinguished. Standard wisdom gets standard results. At OAK, we don’t use it.  We have learned that snuffling out conflict as and when it arises can not only leave the root causes untreated.  It can be a missed opportunity.

Our strategies work with behaviour patterns and management approaches that we have tried and tested over the years and show you how to engage with conflict as a constructive force.  We work with you to harness and redirect conflict in a positive, productive and sustainable way.

Mary Lou is a fountain of knowledge on conflict and relationships in organisations and her insights are complemented by practical wisdom and her engaging style. 

Siobhan Bradley, Senior Leadership and Management Specialist, IPA.

OAK is a leading provider of mediation and conflict management services in Ireland.  We work with global and national partners developing best practice and continuous professional development.  Our services are delivered by a team of mediators, trainers, and coaching professionals who are highly experienced and acknowledged in their field.

Our Team

Mary Lou O'Kennedy


Austin Kenny

Commercial Mediator

Ray Flaherty

Workplace Mediator, Investigator, and Adjudicator

Dorcas Crawford

Conflict Management Consultant

Estelle Varney

Mediator & Coordinator

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