Third Party Resolution (TPR) – Next Workshop: 4th September 2021

This exciting new programme offers managers a practical communication tool for resolving conflicts between others.

Managerial Mediation Provides Managers with:

  • An understanding of the nature and hidden benefits of workplace conflict
  • A Mental Map with which to think and act strategically to manage difficult situations
  • A highly effective communication and mediation tool
  • A core leadership competency
  • Certification in Managerial Mediation from the Mediation Training Institute, Eckerd College
  • A personal development plan to build their conflict competence 

Our Managerial Mediation Programme involves five steps:

Your employees are spending two days per month an average in conflict

most of your managers (70%) believe that they themselves do not handle disagreements well

The Benefits for Managers

  • It enables mediation to be used as a management tool allowing for early intervention in conflict
  • Reduces the costs of conflict by up to 40%
  • Leads to greater job satisfaction, cooperation, and performance resulting in increased productivity
  • Is learned in one day requiring less skills and training than professional mediation

OAK is a leading provider of mediation and conflict management services in Ireland.  We work with global and national partners developing best practice and continuous professional development.  Our services are delivered by a team of mediators, trainers, and coaching professionals who are highly experienced and acknowledged in their field.

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