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This webinar will be delivered by Mary Lou O’Kennedy who is the OAK Director, Mediator, Coach and Trainer. The Resilience at Work® (R@W) Toolkit of Assessments will provide the framework for this session. The R@W Toolkit is pioneered by Kathryn McEwen, internationally recognised thought leader in workplace resilience.

Against the new workplace normal of turbulence, complexity and pressure, resilience has become a ‘must have’ attribute. To date, focus has mainly been on how to help individuals thrive. This is despite long-standing recognition that sustainable change at work is best achieved through a systemic approach that considers the interplay between people, their leaders, the teams they work within and the workplace challenges faced.

This workshop provides a validated framework, the Resilience at Work® (R@W) Toolkit that assists you to build resilience in a systemic way. The Toolkit has been designed specifically for the workplace and provides a holistic roadmap of the practical actions needed to concurrently build resilience in individuals, teams and leaders within their operating environment. The Toolkit has been used internationally in coaching and research and is useful for any occupation and working environment.

OAK is a leading provider of mediation and conflict management services in Ireland.  We work with global and national partners developing best practice and continuous professional development.  Our services are delivered by a team of mediators, trainers, and coaching professionals who are highly experienced and acknowledged in their field.

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