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Research shows that effective conflict management skills are crucial for employers, managers and leaders, leading to greater conflict resolution, productivity, performance management, employee engagement and talent retention. The Conflict Dynamics Profile assessments provide an innovative essential tool kit for conflict management professionals working in this field wishing to enhance their clients’ skills and conflict competence.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) assessments are powerful tools for building awareness of how we respond to conflict in the workplace, and how we can improve on behaviours that cause us the most difficulty. They provide us with extraordinary clarity about our own conflict triggers or ‘hot buttons’ and the extent to which we use constructive and destructive behaviours when we are in conflict. These user-friendly processes provide accessible and clear data for users, enhancing their self -awareness and emotional intelligence leading to greater conflict competence.

There are three versions of the CDP: the CDP-Individual, the CDP- 360 and the CDP Team. The CDP-I is a ‘self-report’ completed only by the user themselves, the CDP-360 is a full spectrum tool completed by the user but also by their boss, peers and direct reports. The CDP Team is constructed using the aggregated results of the CDP-Individual reports of each team member.

The CDP tools are being used the great effect in mediation and in the training and coaching of employers, managers and leaders, in Ireland and in the UK. The Conflict Dynamics Profile provides clear direction to users on how to become conflict competent thereby achieving positive outcomes to workplace conflict. They must however be administered by certified professionals only, who can interpret and analyse the data effectively, working through to a personal development plan for each user.

This one-day Certification Workshop is designed to train participants in the application and interpretation of the CDP-I and CDP Team assessment tools, leading to Certification.

Further training is available for practitioners wishing to certify in the use of the CDP-360.

OAK is a leading provider of mediation and conflict management services in Ireland.  We work with global and national partners developing best practice and continuous professional development.  Our services are delivered by a team of mediators, trainers, and coaching professionals who are highly experienced and acknowledged in their field.

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