Conflict Dynamics Profile

One Day Certification Workshop

24th May 2019

Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland
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Workshop Overview

Research shows that effective conflict management skills are crucial for employers, managers and leaders, leading to greater conflict resolution, productivity, performance management, employee engagement and talent retention. The Conflict Dynamics Profile assessments provide an innovative essential tool kit for conflict management professionals working in this field wishing to enhance their clients’ skills and conflict competence.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) assessments are powerful tools for building awareness of how we respond to conflict in the workplace, and how we can improve on behaviours that cause us the most difficulty. They provide us with extraordinary clarity about our own conflict triggers or ‘hot buttons’ and the extent to which we use constructive and destructive behaviours when we are in conflict. These user-friendly processes provide accessible and clear data for users, enhancing their self -awareness and emotional intelligence leading to greater conflict competence.

There are three versions of the CDP: the CDP-Individual, the CDP- 360 and the CDP Team. The CDP-I is a ‘self-report’ completed only by the user themselves, the CDP-360 is a full spectrum tool completed by the user but also by their boss, peers and direct reports. The CDP Team is constructed using the aggregated results of the CDP-Individual reports of each team member.

The CDP tools are being used the great effect in mediation and in the training and coaching of employers, managers and leaders, in Ireland and in the UK. The Conflict Dynamics Profile provides clear direction to users on how to become conflict competent thereby achieving positive outcomes to workplace conflict. They must however be administered by certified professionals only, who can interpret and analyse the data effectively, working through to a personal development plan for each user.

This one-day Certification Workshop is designed to train participants in the application and interpretation of the CDP-I and CDP Team assessment tools, leading to Certification.

Further training is available for practitioners wishing to certify in the use of the CDP-360.

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What Other Companies Say About Us

I have found CDP to be an invaluable tool that brings new depth to the mediation process, enabling participants in situations of conflict to also explore their own internal conflict dynamics. This shift in self-focus can be an invaluable component in conflict resolution, both for the mediator and for the parties in conflict.  Used in a team setting, CDP can potentially bring to the surface new insights into aspects of team or organisational culture that may otherwise have remained unseen. CDP is robust, responsive, adaptable and capable of encompassing diversity, each individual profile reflecting a unique perspective.

CDP is a skill that can be taught, and learned, opening minds and hearts to greater awareness, as well as delivering results that are practical, measurable and visible. In the very capable hands OAK, its potential is magnified as they have the skills to detect, explore and reveal new insights for the user.  This awareness is the key to rebalancing one’s perspective. The experience resembles taking a photograph from the inside-out, and self-adjusting one’s focus to obtain the desired outcome (perhaps one that might previously have proven elusive or beyond reach).  I have found from experience that the blueprint of one’s behaviour, post-CDP, illuminates subsequent action and enables informed choice on the path to change.

Anna Doyle

Certified CDP Consultant

EUROCONTROL, Agency Mediator & Agency Ethics Officer

Standard disclaimer: The views expressed are the author’s own and are not necessarily endorsed by EUROCONTROL or its senior management.

"I found the Workshop to be well structured and comfortably paced. The facilitators are hugely experienced both in terms of usage of  CDP and generally in terms of conflict prevention and management. I left confident that I could and would use CDP in my Mediation practice as it provides valuable insights for those undertaking the self-assessment as it does for those administering it. Two well spent days!"

Loughlin Quinn
Certified CDP Consultant

Construction Contracts Adjudication Service & Civil and Public Service Mediation Service Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation 

Clients We Have Worked With

Volvo Motors
National Rehabilitation Hospital
Glanbia Consumer Foods
Euro Control

What Participants Gain

  • An understanding of the Conflict Dynamics Model, its history, research and key principles
  • The knowledge and skills required to use the Conflict Dynamics Profile – Individual and the Conflict Dynamics Team assessment tools to a standard which prepares them for Certification
  • Self-awareness of your own triggers and behaviours during conflict and the importance of constructive responses in the effective management of conflict


  • The knowledge and processes required to assist others with developmental planning and training to become conflict competent
  • A practical methodology to link conflict competence with the achievement of organisational and business goals and objectives

The Cost of this programme is €750 per participant.

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This workshop will train you in how to use the CDP assessments with individuals and groups in mediation, training and coaching situations, to enhance their conflict competence leading to more effective conflict management and resolution. 

Recognised Credits 

14 Continuing Professional Development Points as approved by the Mediators Institute of Ireland

14 Continuing Education Units as approved by the International Coach Federation (1 ICF Core Competencies and 6 Resource Development)

Who Should Attend?

This workshop should be attended by:

  • Mediators
  • HR Professionals
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Coaches
  • Conflict Management Coaches
  • Trainers

and others involved in dealing with the challenges of workplace conflict.

Meet Our Presenters

Profile Picture - Mary Lou

Mary Lou O'Kennedy

Mary Lou is a professional Mediator and Conflict Management specialist. She is a certified user of the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) with the Centre for Conflict Dynamics, Eckerd College, Florida

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Mary Lou is a professional Mediator and Conflict Management specialist. She is a certified user of the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) with the Centre for Conflict Dynamics, Eckerd College, Florida and a Master Trainer with the Institute for Workplace Dynamics, Paris. Mary Lou is also a certified CINERGY Conflict Management Coach and Trainer with extensive experience and expertise in working with companies and organisations in the effective management of conflict. Combined with this, Mary Lou is a certified mediator in Commercial, Workplace and Family mediation with Friarylaw (ADR UK) and Athena Mediation and is a Practioner member of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

Over the past 25 years, Mary Lou has managed and been a director of a number of companies. Her early management experience was in the Surveys Unit of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), then as CEO of the County Wexford Partnership for 11 years and as Managing Director of Tunstall Emergency Response Ltd for a further five years. She has held several directorships of private and non-profit companies concerned with community, social and employment services at local, regional and national level.

More recently Mary Lou has served on the Council of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland and as Chairperson of its Education Committee (2009-2011). She is also a member of the Irish Commercial Mediation Association. Since 2006 Mary Lou has brought her management experience to her conflict resolution work to deliver mediation, coaching and training in commercial, employment, community and family disputes.

Austin Kenny

Austin Kenny

Austin is a certified user of the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) and Master Trainer with the Institute of Workplace Dynamics, Paris and a certified CINERGY Conflict Management Coach.

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Austin Kenny is one of Ireland’s leading professional mediators and conflict management specialist. He has a wide range of mediation and conflict management experience including disputes involving family business, partnerships, boardrooms, shareholders, landlords and tenants, construction contracts, breach of contract, commercial insurance claims, professional negligence, minority oppression, debt collection, employment termination and probate.

Austin is a certified user of the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) and Master Trainer with the Institute of Workplace Dynamics, Paris and a certified CINERGY Conflict Management Coach. He has worked across a range of sectors including agriculture and food, energy and waste management, pharmaceutical, retail, construction, medical and health, arts, legal and accounting, aviation, digital media, education, utilities, trusts and pension funds.

Austin is CEDR accredited mediator (2004), a MII Practioner Member (2009) and has completed his study of advanced mediation with MTA (2008). Since 2005 Austin has mediated a significant number of commercial disputes in a wide range of disputes and business sectors as well as handling workplace and community mediations and coaching clients through difficult conflict situations. One client stated ‘Austin helped us bring an end to a very acrimonious and legally expensive disputes between two sides. We are very pleased with the cool professionalism that Austin brought to this emotionally charged and bitter disagreement’.

Austin is also an experienced accountant and business consultant, having worked in professional practice for over 25 years. His expertise includes corporate finance, forensic accounting, expert witness, business agreements, human resources, acting as chairman, non-executive director, coach and mentor.

‘Research suggests that managers spend up to a third of their time managing conflict. We believe that conflict is the single most reducible cost in any company and the least recognised.’

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