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We deliver a range of in-house and open enrolment training workshops:

CDP One to One Consultation

Our Effective Conflict Management Consultation is delivered to participants who opt to learn in a one to one setting. It is designed to provide participants with a greater understanding of interpersonal conflict dynamics and more effective conflict management skills.

Effective Conflict Management - One Day Workshop

This highly interactive and participative one day workshop is designed to increase your self awareness about how you deal with conflict and to learn new skills with which to manage it more effectively, when it does occur. Each participant is required to complete the CDP assessment and through feedback, self reflection and skill building exercises, develop greater conflict management skills and competence.

Becoming Conflict Competent - Two Day Advanced Workshop

The Becoming Conflict Competent Workshop teaches you a process for resolving a wide variety of conflicts. You will learn how to turn conflict into collaboration. The course helps you customise your learning based on the results of your CDP Assessment and gain practical tools and effective practices that you can begin to use immediately.

CDP Train the Trainer Certification - One Day Workshop

This Certification Workshop provide in-house trainers and external consultants with the skills to interpret a CDP Feedback Report and with the theory, practice and exercises they need to help course participants improve their cognitive, emotional and behavioural approaches to conflict.

Conflict Dynamics Profile One Day Certification Workshop - 13th November 2018

This two-day Certification Workshop is designed to train participants in the application and interpretation of the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment tools, leading to Certification.

Managerial Mediation 24th October 2018

This exciting new programme in Managerial Mediation offers managers a practical communication tool for resolving conflicts between others.