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Managing conflict behaviours

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What We Offer

We provide a suite of assessment, training and development services, designed for increased self-awareness, conflict management skills and individual development plans. Some are group-based, others are one-to-one; it depends on the circumstances and your exact requirements.

A typical Conflict Management Programme using the CDP assessment tool involves three stages:

Oak Services - Profiling


Our CDP assessment is completed by you on line and takes just 20 minutes. Your comprehensive Feedback Report details how you are currently behaving in conflict situations in your workplace.

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Oak Services - Training


Programmes and workshops designed to give you a greater understanding of conflict behaviour with heavy emphasis on skills practice to help you incorporate essential constructive behaviours into how you manage conflict.

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Oak Services - Coaching


One to one sessions designed to build new practical solutions and strategies into your own personal Development Plan. This will help you resolve a particular conflict or create a new approach to dealing with conflict in general.

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