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Workplace conflict drains energy, time and money

Conflict costs companies time and money, inhibits action and hampers innovation. Research indicates that managers spend 20% to 40% of their time dealing with conflict in the workplace. Conflict can sap your organisation’s energy and diminish profits – and no one is immune. Whether you are a team leader, a manager or a member of your organisation’s leadership team, the ability to handle difficult situations constructively and competently is critical to business success.

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Welcome to OAK

We provide managers and employers with effective conflict management skills that identify the root causes of conflict and achieve positive and productive outcomes.

Our Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) assessment and training tools enhance people’s self- awareness about how they respond to conflict. It improves their emotional intelligence and builds their constructive conflict management skills to help them become conflict competent.

Benefits of effective conflict management

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Retain your top performers
  • Manage risk
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Workplace conflict is inevitable but the way we manage it needn’t be

Manage conflict effectively

Conflict is inevitable but the way we manage it needn’t be. When provoked, we react defensively and lose perspective. We can be unaware of our own reaction and especially of our impact on others. This only serves to prolong and escalate the conflict

Our responses are behaviours, not who we are. Because of their spontaneous nature, they are rarely effective. Conflict is handled best when we learn to be self-aware, choose responses that are constructive and mindful of our impact on others.

How we can help

Understanding conflict behaviours starts with self-awareness

Effective conflict management can be learned through self-awareness of your own conflict behaviours and how they are perceived by others. Our assessment tools will provide you with information on your hot buttons and what triggers you into conflict and your typical constructive and destructive behaviours – your Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP).

Once you are aware of your own Conflict Dynamics Profile, you can learn new conflict management skills that will enable you to manage conflict in a way that delivers better performance and outcomes for both your business and the people working in it.

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What we offer

What people say about us

The feedback from those who availed of Conflict Dynamics Profiling was that it was extremely empowering. It improved their self-awareness of what triggers them into conflict and the range of their responses both positive and negative. I would be very happy to recommend OAK’s services to any organisation. Their expertise was clearly evident and invaluable in helping resolve difficult conflict isssues
– HR Manager

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One Day Conflict Dynamics Profile Certification Workshop

The CDP tools are being used to great effect in mediation and in the training and coaching of employers, managers and leaders, in Ireland and in the UK. The Conflict Dynamics Profile provides clear direction to users on how to become conflict competent thereby achieving positive outcomes to workplace conflict. They must however be administered by certified professionals only, who can interpret and analyse the data effectively, working through to a personal development plan for each user.


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